Free Account Upgrade

Fortunately we provide a free Premium unlimited account for every one, it's totally free.

Special Offer
Why we provide a free Premium accounts?
There's a lot of people and site owners that don't care about earning money from the PPD System. So we will be more than happy to provide a free Premium accounts to them.

Does the free Premium exactly like the Paid Premium?
Yes, you have all the specifications of the Paid Premium account.

How long you will keep my Free Premium account?
As long as you submitted for a free Premium account through our (Free Premium System) you will have your Premium account for ever.

Can i change my free Premium account for a real Paid Premium account and why should i?
Yes, you just have to contact us, you should change your Free Premium to Paid Premium if you want to start earning money with your files through our PPD System.

Free Premium Account Specifications :
  • Unlimited GB Space
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Files Storage Time : Forever
  • Max File Size : 100GB
  • Multi-File Upload + 4999 Once
  • Add-free Experience
  • Downloads Resume
  • Direct Downloads : Only 15 Seconds of waiting
  • PPD System

*** Important : By opening a free Premium account in our company you give up your rights on the affiliate system of earning money, You totaly give up about your rewards on PPD System (Paid Per Download), you will not receive any payments from the downloads that you get on your files, but you still have the right to claim your rewards of selling account on our company, PPS (Paid Per Sale).